STANBC project - Metrology Partnership

STANBC at the European Aerosol Conference

Members of the project consortium attended the European Aerosol Conference, September 3-8, 2023 in Malaga, Spain. Dr K. Eleftheriadis of project partner NCSR-D presented the project poster. Dr K. Ciupek of project partner NPL presented the study “Urban and roadside increments in eBC mass concentrations observed in three major urban conurbations of the UK: London, Birmingham and Glasgow” by Krzysztof Ciupek, D. Butterfield, D.C. Green, A.H. Tremper, M. Priestman, D. Ek, E. McGhee, A. Font, A.S. Brown and G.W. Fuller. The PowerPoint presentation provided at the conference is available for download here, as well as from our Documents and Publications page.